How to Get the Best News on Facebook

A recent example of viral news is social media. You’ve probably heard or seen something that’s resulted in social media news coverage. Most of the time you can tell whether the news is actually happening just by looking at the news frontlines. For instance, if you read or hear that a huge storm killed some people, chances are you’ll know it was being reported on by the press.

Social networks were created to share information between people. It’s great because everyone is able to check in with each other. Unfortunately, that also means there is now a newsfeed, which is like the feed from your local news station. People are reporting stories, pushing around links and more. Before long, that news can impact your own Facebook timeline.

Here’s what you can do to make sure the news you see is the news you want to see. First, be careful who’s recommending news stories to you. If you don’t recognize their names or trust them, chances are they’re pushing a product of someone else. Get to know the newsworthy people in your network and look at what they’re saying. When you see a story that you want to follow up on, email them or chat with them on Messenger. Only recommend news that you can relate to or you have strong opinions about.

Watch trending topics on the top social networks. Chances are the stories people are talking about are news that could connect with you. Find out what people are discussing online and talk about it. For instance, one morning there was a huge leak about Amazon fulfillment center layoffs, but one of the co-workers who found out said that it would only affect one percent of their company.

Follow the breaking news throughout the day. Don’t get caught up in what everybody else is saying about a story. Look for the real news that is getting people fired up and concerned. When you see a story that you think is worthy of your time, shoot an email or message to the author or publish it on your Facebook or Twitter page. People love to share the hard news.

When it comes to breaking news, remember to stay one step ahead of the news. Even if you think the event may not affect you directly, other people do. If you know there is going to be a big change in a popular thing that affects a lot of people, be the first to know. Being prepared is one of the best ways to share information with others. The more you know, the better off you’ll be.