Main Article in Newspapers – The News

News is the first basic need of any society. It tells us what is going on in the world around us. With the advancement of technology, the importance of news cannot be ignored. The fast pace of life has made people relate more to the world around them and this has led to an increased interest in all fields including news. With increasing competition, it has also become important to get up to date with the latest news. For this reason, news publications are now available on the internet for every individual to have access to news from all over the world.

Every country has its own set of news agencies and its own network of channels that carry the news throughout the nation. Based on the name itself, the news service or news agency is responsible to disseminate the information to the general public. According to the Oxford dictionary, News is any form of information released for the public that provides information of current affairs, historical facts and current affairs, or even exotic travel. So, a news agency is synonymous to a news publisher or broadcast station.

Broadcasting news has been made easier through the invention of television and radio. In the early 20th century, there was no other source of news except newspapers. Therefore, the entire task of getting the information to the masses was given over to the television and radio networks. Initially, the broadcasting news was quite cumbersome and took a lot of time and effort, especially if you wanted to view a single channel in your area.

However, this changed with the development of mass media. Nowadays, all newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations are owned by large companies who aim at making the mass media available to the people residing in their territory. However, this does not mean that news agencies have totally ceased to exist. They continue to serve their purpose in disseminating news to the masses. They still remain the major source of information in many areas. For instance, national, state, city and local newspapers are the largest news agencies.

However, the most famous among them is the TV or the Broadcast news. It is not only newspapers which have a broadcasting network. In fact, it is the network of international television that has become a mega-hit. All countries are now dependent on this source of news and information. Whether it is the breaking news or some celebrity interview, a news report, or some kind of political drama, the audience can always depend on the television for knowing what is taking place in the country, region or in the world.

This form of news stories has an interesting background, as it is being reported by people who are not necessarily employed by the news agency. They are actually freelancers who get contracts for performing these tasks on behalf of the broadcast media company. They are thus, able to get access to the stories much before they are shown to the public. As a result, the main article in the local newspaper becomes old news before it reaches the average reader.