Marijuana News Reporters Explaining A Legal Grey Area

This article is intended to be a brief overview of what happened in the California state Senate today, as well as my prediction for what will happen next in the hearings on AB 1210. If you’re interested in learning more about my political activism and citizen journalism, you can visit my website. For now, let’s talk about AB 1210. The hearing occurred after the San Francisco Giants announced that they were moving their home games to the team’s practice facility in Westwood, California. The bill was already out in the committee and had already passed the state House, so no one was expecting this hearing.

News. Sentence example that’s on hold now due to the new moratorium, the San Francisco Chronicle reported on 4 aug. 2021 that the state Senate has voted to prevent the use of death records of people who die in other states after their death in California. In a news story, the newspaper noted that several members of the legislature have voted to renew the death records bill. However, the news reporters noted that the California State Legislature is expected to vote on the same bill soon, meaning that the moratorium could be lifted.

News Article. On 8 July, the San Francisco Examiner published an article about Assemblyman Jared Huffman (D-San Francisco) and his push to legalize recreational marijuana in California. In an article posted on the Examiner, Huffman claimed that the bill is necessary to protect California citizens from enforcement action and protect those who are employed by the cannabis industry from punishment for using it in states other than California. He also implied that the bill was necessary in an antedating environment where California is poised to become the largest legal weed market in the world: “The War on Drugs has failed, and marijuana is ruining our youth. I believe in fully legalizing it.”

News Article. A new news story noted that Assemblyman Jared Huffman (D-CA) was going to propose legislation that would require employers to give their workers training regarding marijuana use. In an article posted on California Business News, Huffman said he will introduce the proposal to the California State Legislature in July. The article indicated that Assemblyman Huffman will try to create a national platform for those who are opposed to the marijuana industry’s ban on medical use: “Jared Huffman (D-CA) will introduce legislation that would give employees the right to know if they are impaired at work. The Analogue Industry Drug Monitoring Act would make manufacturers and distributors give employees training in safe usage, which would be a first in the nation.”

News Article. In a June 6th edition of Los Angeles News, California State Senator Holly Rosenfeld reported that she plans to introduce legislation that would prevent law enforcement from investigating medical marijuana users without a warrant. Although she did not have a specific quote, she said, “I just think that people should have some protection against having their privacy invaded because of this new conflict between state and federal law.” News Article. In an article posted on Mother Jones, James Dempsey raised some questions about how a proposed Colorado law that protects anyone who grows or consumes pot, even with valid prescription, could affect users outside of Colorado.

News Article. A New York Times article reported that the New York City Police Department is examining ways it could monitor local marijuana sales. The article stated, “The New York Police Department has been exploring the idea of using e-check systems to enforce laws against marijuana possession in the state. The state of Colorado is also considering a monitoring system similar to the one the N.S.F.T.C. is using.”