RSS feeds – An Essential Resource for News Junkies

RSS feeds – An Essential Resource for News Junkies

When: Anytime. For some reason this sentence always seems to pop up when it’s time to report on medical or business news. “For now” is the usual disclaimer that appears, followed by a standard explanation that it will be updated as more details are available.

Where: Many a news story has been written in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, Boston and Chicago. But there is no shortage of writing talent anywhere in the country, or even abroad. Whether your news stories are being produced by an individual freelance writer, an established publication or a website, they can be produced anywhere with a computer and a good story idea.

When: Anytime is good, as long as the news reaches a broad audience. It’s great that you have chosen this particular time to post your news story; it has proven to be very effective. But remember that as news reporters, you must be aware of the local restrictions on what can be published and broadcast. You should also be aware that you cannot claim you have used the information therein in any way when it was in fact obtained through a third party source. So make sure you look it up yourself!

Who: Anybody, but especially white people. As a generalization, black people are more likely to write about weddings, and Asian people are more likely to write about prom night plans. It just goes with the generalization. But keep in mind that newspapers, magazines and other publications are not specifically run by people of one race or another. Therefore, if you write a news story about a prom night in a predominantly white town, don’t expect a whole load of white people to read it. But it will definitely get read by more minorities, which is better than no one reading it at all!

What: A short overview of one of the most important political events in the United States this year. It also happens to be a big deal in India. This includes the Bharatiya Lok Kala Swayam (BKCS) which happens to be India’s biggest and most successful grassroot political party. This is the party that swept the Hindi heartland last year with a huge mandate from the people. The reason this election is important is that it could well be India’s first election where a non-aligned party wins an election, and India’s first election where an anti incumbent party wins.

Why: For news junkies, it is important to understand what is being said in the community where they live. That means you should check out our India newsletter for more information. If you live in India, you should definitely consider subscribing to our newsletter so you can keep up to date with India events in your community since Newschoolers Newsletter is hosted by volunteers from all over India. This means you can also get Indian news delivered to your email daily with ease. And Newschoolers will definitely appreciate not having to search out a newspaper or go through a news channel when they want to know what is going on in their native country.