Types of News You May Not Have Heard Of

News is basically information about current happening events around the world. This can be given through a number of media: print, broadcast, newspaper systems, television, wire services, radio, or by the oral testimony of witnesses and observers to various events. When writing an article for news, the writer should be able to gather enough information in order to relay a well-written news story. There are several features that newsworthy events share, making them worthy of gathering the attention of the readers.

The first feature of news is the breaking news. This includes anything related to the latest happenings in any part of the world. By bringing this feature out in the form of news, people can immediately get to know about something that has happened around town, state, or the whole world.

Another feature of news is the scoop. This involves getting the scoop ahead of the others in the media. In other words, the new story should be bigger, better, and more interesting than anything else. It is also meant to serve as a reaction to what happened in the preceding stories. A scoop can bring a lot of excitement and speculation to the public, while simultaneously providing the basic facts to what has happened.

News also talks about the controversy surrounding a certain event. This can include an issue that is currently going on in the country, an ethnic group, or a religion. Controversies are usually created by political leaders, special interest groups, or even by ordinary citizens who have some strong feelings about a particular subject. News reports also deal with other elements that will affect the viewers or readers of the news: such as environmental concerns, sports events, international politics, celebrity gossip, and local news. Any other news that is not normally covered in newspapers or television programs can also be included in the category of news.

News also talks about the aftermath of the events. After all, who wants to miss the final analysis of the events? It can be interesting to read the aftermath, but it may not always be useful. For example, after a huge explosion in a construction site, the next big story might be who will clean up the mess.

NEWS, like most other types of news, is considered a neutral medium by most people. It can help provide information for the reader, but the overall message should not become one sided. All aspects of the news should be considered equally. News is meant to inform, not to entertain.